"Rules of play" Nora Roberts

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New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts brings you two classic romantic treasures not widely available for over a decade.

The Heart's Victory

He was the man she once dreamed about, but never dared to love. But now that Cynthia Fox was back in town, she was forced to confront Lance Matthews and all the old feelings speeding between them. Like the world of auto racing, Fox knew the stakes were high -- but so was the prize. Because this time, the only true victory would be love.


Opposites Attract

They were like night and day -- Ty Starbuck, a man known for his passions, and Asher Wolfe, infamous for her icy control. Together they'd set the world ablaze. Even after years apart, she still wanted him, deeply. But she had a secret she could never share -- even with the man she still loved. If only she could reveal the truth . . .